Klerk’s is a  leader in long life additive film technology, did you know that they also pioneered many advances for the nursery film user as well? Klerk’s was the first company to use tri-layer technology for one year and over winter films.  Starting with top quality resins that produce great tensile strength, & not stopping there. A variety of choices is offered for over winter film users. Film is available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 mil. Clear film as well as white opacities of 35%, 55%, and 70% are also available, in widths from 4’ up to 50’.

A 4 year, 6 mil covering for single or double layer applications. Starting with strong EVA resin for excellent durability and light transmission, it comes standard with an anti-static additive to repel dust and dirt and keep the light shining through. Klerk’s UV protection   uses the latest HAL’s technology for superior film life. Tri-layer construction gives maximum physical properties with less weight. Available in Clear or 55% White, sheet or tubes.

Keep the heat and lose the drips! Klerk’s sets the standard in the industry for long lasting anti-condensation, the standard to which all other companies compare. All anti-condensates work when they’re new, but no other film’s anti-condensate additive keeps on working for you after that first or second year like Klerk’s does.

PAR quality – KoolLite380© lowers temperatures like a white film, but provides much better PAR transmission than a white film does. Good growing conditions result from the focus on blue and red wavelengths, and cool temperatures result from lowered IR wavelengths.

Dura-Film Super 4

A super clear, super tough long-life product that provides the best value in a 6-mil, 4-year greenhouse film.  For situations where improved temperature stabilization is desired,  Dura-Film  Super 4 is available with 55% White Opacity in selected sizes.

Improvements over our older generations of this class of greenhouse covers include:

  • Folds up to 210% stronger
  • Tear strength up to 164% higher
  • Advanced UV Protection
  • Super 4 is guaranteed to withstand 48 months/4 years of UV exposure under normal circumstances


Dura-Film Thermax

Combines exceptional condensation control properties with outstanding thermal quality in one revolutionary bee – compatible greenhouse film. The modified outer layer of film safeguards condensation control integrity by providing directionality.